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 Meditation is used to both relax the physical body and to enhance and accelerate spiritual growth and enlightenment. 

People who practice meditation on a regular basis look and feel younger, more alert, more creative, and better able to handle the stresses of the day.  Meditation that relieves stress will show up on your face as it helps give that peaceful look that can take 5 to 15 years off your actual age. 

Meditation is also invaluable as a tool for self-healing. Giving your body as little as 5-10 minutes of quiet or shall we say "down time" a day can help boost the immune system and keep your body healthy. An improved immune system can help keep you from getting the common cold. Ever connect the fact that when you are feeling overwhelmed that seems to be the time that you get a cold or flu bug? Then you are forced to regroup and rest. Meditation may actually help keep you from continually  "coming down with something".

There are many techniques that can be used to help accomplish this. Some of the more popular ones are:

  1. Ohm  - the saying over and over again one word or phrase until you think of nothing else but that word or phrase. A popular word would be one like "ohm" and a popular phrase would be " I am one". Mantras are used as a simple thought that replaces any other thoughts that come into the mind while meditating. It helps the mind to focus on one single thought and to release all else. This also helps our mind to associate the word or phrase to automatically calm the physical body. After practice, one is able to think of the mantra word or phrase say at an office desk during a hectic day, and is able to put the body into a relax state and help to quiet the mind.

  2.  Guided imagery - great for beginners especially those who find their thoughts out of control. Listening and concentrating on a soothing voice that takes you on any number of guided adventures helps the novice meditator. There are many tapes out on the market today for this. Each tape is specifically designed for the meditator to achieve a certain goal. Some tapes offer simple relaxation while others offer you the opportunity to meet and speak with your guardian angels and/or spirit guides.

  3. Mandalas - these are used as a focal point in meditation. You focus your attention on a sacred image, symbol, etc. And that symbol connects you to another plane or world. It can be a place of happiness, joy, clarity, wisdom, etc. It helps to connect your energy with that of the universe. There are many symbols, pictures, etc. Out on the market to purchase, or you can make your own. Make one that has special meaning to you. Design your own symbol. A symbol that can represent all that you want to be or accomplish in this lifetime. Give it a name. Give it a color. Let it be your focus to achieving your goals in your life.

In meditation, as in most things in life, practice makes one better at achieving the goal. Each session will improve the ease with which you achieve the meditative state. Some practitioners can achieve the state at will (or shall we say "at the drop of the hat"). You can too, with practice and patience. 

Put yourself into the right mind set before beginning your meditation. Smudging yourself and your meditation area will help clear your mind and space. Do not judge yourself harshly for being unable to do this or that, or if you cannot achieve a meditative state. Know that with perseverance, you will achieve the state, you will reach your goals. Have faith, patience, and fill yourself with love and understanding and acceptance. Sit in peace, with love in your heart, and it will come.

Below are some simple meditations. You can read them through and record them on a cassette and then play them back at your leisure. Check back for a new meditations.


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