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Mudra means "mark" or "seal". It can be used as a "mark of authority" or as a "seal that closes and safeguards". Hindus used Mudras to evoke the powers of the deities. In Christian Art, Christ is often depicted making the mudra which designates him as the all-powerful creator. Using mudras will help to stabilize both your physical body and your "chi" energy. It will also help you to awaken the kundalini energy and activate the chakras. Mudras will help give energy, health, and intuition. It will also impart active knowledge, clarity, balance, and concentration. Use mudras to center, neutralize, or activate energy. There are literally hundreds of mudras. I have selected the most popular ones to share with you on this website. Enjoy. 

MUDRAS1.jpg (12017 bytes)Mudra 1 

Interlace your fingers. Extend your two index fingers. This is called the Jupiter Mudra and asks for good luck and expansion. It combines the forces of your energy to break through barriers. It is taught in Reiki 1 to be used as a way to center and focus yourself before beginning a treatment. In Reiki 2, it is associated with the Power Symbol. After practicing this hand position for awhile, I discovered something new. While in meditation, I raised my hands, while still in position, to my Brow Chakra, it was powerful!

mudra2.jpg (8746 bytes)Mudra 2 

Interlace your fingers and extend your middle fingers up and hold them together. See your Reiki point, the Dan Tien, fill with Reiki energy. This is used to bring the spirit in tighter and closer while you sit humbled and supplicated. See the point fill with white light. Hold position until you feel your hands ready to lay on client. In Kanji, the name is RIN and it means power, or strength of Mind and Body. This strength can be physical, mental, and/or emotional. The Mantra is, “ON BAI SHIRA MAN TO YA SO WAS KA”. Rin represents the Vajra Thunderbolt of Tibetan Buddhism and destroys ignorance while it creates inner peace, power, and wisdom. Some believe that the RIN is associated with the CHO KU REI symbol from Reiki II. The color I see associated with this hand position is purple.

Mudras3.jpg (9870 bytes)Mudra 3 

With fingers interlocked folded inward. Exhale while focusing and concentrate on the inner voice. This position is called “JIN”. It aids the connection to the subconscious mind of the client and helps to correct imbalances in the client. It helps to increase the empathic abilities as well as the ability to feel the thoughts of others while hiding your own thoughts and feelings from others. It is known as “bringing knowing”. It is also called the “Way of the Mind Gates” or Saimenjitsu. The Mantra is “ON A GA NA YA IN MA YA SO WA”.

MUDRAS4.jpg (27657 bytes)Mudra 4

To do, interlock all fingers with fingertips resting on the back (outside) of your hands. This is known as KAI. It used the third eye to help develop intuition in finding areas of the body that need treatment. When you master Kai, you will be able to feel the emotions of others whether they are near to you or a distance away. You will be able to sense danger and have an insight, a knowing of things. Mudra Kai will help one see what is beyond sight, to know what can not be known. The Mantra for Kai is “ON NO-O MA KU SAN MAN DA BA SA RA DAN KAN”

Mudras5.jpg (27791 bytes)Mudra 5

TOH. Connect the fourth fingers of both hands and the fifth fingers of both hands together making the letter “v”. The thumbs of both hands are extended and the remaining fingers are interlocked. This mudra represents harmony with the Universe. It can bring peace and harmony within yourself as well as within situations, events, and even with all beings around you. TOH is a mudra to vanquish you of fear. With the Toh mudra, you connect to the patterns of the universe and your picture of the world and its order is increased. It will help you see “The Bigger Picture” of all things. The Toh mudra may be used in conjunction with the Sei Hei Ki in meditations or prior to giving a healing session. The mantra is “ON JI RE TA RA SHI I TA RA JI BA RA TA NO_O SO WA KA”.

Mudras6.jpg (13304 bytes)Mudra 6

RETSU. Make a fist with your left hand. Extend the index finger of your left pointing upward. Take your right hand and curl the fingers of the right hand around the extended index finger. The thumb of the right hand is pressed against the outside edge of the index finger of the left hand.  Press in while inhaling for 9 heartbeats (about 7 seconds or so). This mudra represents oneness within the spiritual realm. It is being one with cause and effect, of being able to see the interconnectedness of all things. Retsu is the combination of Wisdom and Benevolence. Retsu masters were said to control one’s own time around them. It was even believed that they were able to shape and blend time and space around themselves. By living in the now - you are the master of time and space. Everyone has the ability of controlling their own time.  Use it wisely. When I performed this mudra, I saw the color magenta. Mantra - "ON HI RO TA KI SHA NO GA JI BA TA I SO WA KA."

Mudras7.jpg (22600 bytes)Mudra 7

Kyo means “connection to Energy” or “Direction of Energy.” You can connect to the energy, bring it in, direct and use it internally or externally to increase your own power and to deflect negativity or physic attacks. Use in connection with the long distance Reiki symbol, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, or in meditation. To do, wrap the middle fingers around the index fingers, thumbs parallel and extended with the remaining fingers interlocked. Mantra: OH I SHA NA YA IN TA RA YA SO WA KA


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