What Can You Take Out Of Successful Weight Loss Stories?

Sustaining the motivation to achieve fitness goals is one of the biggest challenges faced by people who are trying to lose weight. Reading successful weight loss stories is one way of keeping yourself motivated and inspired to accomplished the goals you have set.

A proper mindset is necessary when viewing such stories. Some people choose to be depressed because others were able to do it and he was unsuccessful. However, you can choose to be positive and use their success to motivate you to also attain what they have accomplished.

One of the things that make weight loss stories a must read for people who are seeking to be slimmer is that they are real accounts of other people’s experiences. Most of these individuals are just normal people who do not have a lot of money to burn for steeply priced weight loss surgeries and fitness trainers. These individuals have observed diet plans and strived to exercise regularly in order to shed the extra pounds.

The next thing which makes weight loss stories valuable is that they detail experiences of people who have failed in their efforts to lose weight but still managed to forge forward. They can be a source of inspiration for those individuals who have tried so many diet plans and exercise programs to no avail. Weight loss is almost always difficult to achieve so you will need all the inspiration you can get. The third aspect which makes such stories significant is that they can provide useful insight on how to successfully slim down. While it is true that different weight loss programs work in different ways for different individuals, it won’t hurt for you to check out what others have been successful with.

In a nutshell, weight loss success stories can help motivate you, egg you on when you feel like giving up, and it can provide you with useful insights on how to enhance your chance of succeeding with your chosen weight loss program.

Treat Yourself at the Spa Retreats

If you’re in need of a full day of pampering, visiting one of the spa retreats should be on your to-do list. A day of receiving luxury treatment may be just what you need, especially if it’s been quite a while since the last time you managed to do anything special for yourself. Choosing to go to a spa retreat is ideal because it’s something that can help you relax, reduce stress, and improve the way you currently look and even feel.

Enhance the Look of Your Skin With a Facial

Facials are one of many services offered at these spa retreats. Different types of facials are offered and are meant to help people combat the issues they’re dealing with, whether it’s cystic acne, blackheads, or even fine lines and wrinkles. A facial can work pure magic on the skin, getting rid of any dead skin cells that have been accumulating, hydrating the skin, and leaving it looking fresher than ever before.

Relax and Unwind With a Comforting Massage

After a massage, you may want to reduce pain, muscle aches, and even stress by getting a massage. Different massage styles may be on the menu, including a Swedish massage and a hot stone massage where warm stones are placed on the back and are used for therapeutic purposes. Browse the menu and choose from the assorted massage styles to make sure you’re receiving the full body treatment while at the spa retreat.

Get Rid of Body Hair With Waxing Services

Not only can you get a facial and a massage, but you may even be able to get rid of some unwanted body hair while you’re at the spa. The professionals may provide waxing and threading services, handling all different areas of the body, including the eyebrows, bikini area, back, legs, and more. Avoid the razors and shaving cream by having that hair waxed right off in a matter of seconds, leaving you with the softest, smoothest skin.

Best new spa treatments you need to try today:

You deserve to get pampered. You may not have a whole lot of time to treat yourself to different things, so now is a good time to book a visit at one of the spa retreats where you can get a facial, full body massage, and even a body wax. Simply look at the spa menu and choose the services you’d like to enjoy for a full day of relaxation and special treatment.

Color Therapy Certification

Color therapy is the use of color to affect the body and its energy system in a way as to bring it back into balance. We all know how color can affect us. Have you ever walked into a room and either hated or loved it? We’re you ever drawn into the room due to the color on the wall?

Studies on the effect of the use of colors on the wall have been down in prisons and hospitals. While it was found that shades of red made prisoners more agitated and aggressive, colors such as blue were found to be more calming and peaceful.

Color therapy has been used in the past to help elicit the body’s natural response to healing. With the right knowledge of color therapy, one use color as a separate modality, or combined with the other modalities that I use such as Reiki.

Find out what colors to use to smooth out overactive chakras with color. Learn how to activate and enhance underactive chakras with color.

Some of the Properties of the Colors

Red – Red is the color of Fire and is related to the Root ChakraUse Red: Use the color red when your client has circulation problems, chronic fatigue, or needs stimulation and energy. Using red will also bring out the masculine energy with properties such as aggressiveness and competitiveness. Using red will increase the appetite, increase passion and increase the Yang energy of the body.Do Not use the color red on people who are suffering from cancer.

Orange – Orange is the color of Warmth ans is related to the Sacral ChakraUse Orange: Use the color orange when your client needs a boost of creativity, or needs to make a major decision in their life. The color of orange serves to uplift and alleviate the repression of the emotions by giving your client a dose of optimism and encouragement.

Yellow – The color of Yellow is the color of joy and cheerfulness and it is related to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Use Yellow: Use the color yellow when your client is down in the dumps and needs a good dose of joy and happiness. The color yellow reminds one of sunflowers and spring flowers that bring new hope into our lives. The color yellow can relieve tension and stress and bring about relaxation. Yellow can be used on clients you are suffering from depression, apathy, or mental and emotional strain. Great for clients who are in business fields where communication is a prime virture.

Green – Green is the color of Nature, Healing and Money. The color green is associated with the Heart Chakra.Use Green: Us the color green when your client needs to have physical, emotional and spirit balance. The color green brings all things into balance and harmony. The color green can also be used where there is money issues that deal with abundance and prosperity. Since it is associated with the Heart Chakra, the color green can also be used on a client who is having love concerns with their spouses, children, family members and even mankind as a whole.

Blue – The color of blue is about speaking your truth and it is associated with the Throat Chakra.Use Blue: Use the color blue to calm and sedate clients who are suffering from pain in their bodies. The color blue is also for people who are into public speaking and are presenters, teachers, etc. The color blue helps clients to speak up for themselves giving them the power over their own lot in life. Blue gives power to the spoken word, as well as to the written word. Use the color blue for singers, artists, performers and writers.

Purple, Violet and Indigo- These colors represent Psychic Power and Insight and are associated with the Brow and Crown Chakra.
Use Purple on the Brow Chakra: Use the color purple on the brow chakra to enhance psychic power, inspire dreams and prophecies, and to increase paranormal sensitivity and ESP. The color purple helps the client with their perception of themselves and the world at large.

Use Indigo on the Crown Chakra: Use indigo on the crown chakra to bring about a transformation in your client’s life. The color indigo on the croan chakra renews the spirit, balances the two hemispheres of the brain, aids in astral projection, and brings wisdom and oneness with the Universe.